Optimization Challenge

Reservoir model files description

The OLYMPUS reservoir simulation deck for the optimization challenge was initially developed for Eclipse 100. Decks for a variety of other simulators were subsequently developed and tested for IMEX, AD-GPRS, OPM FLOW and INTERSECT with assistance from several involved in the Smart Wells & Smart Fields research community. The different files and folders required to run a specific model realization are described in a separate document for download.

Assistance on development

The reservoir model has been developed by TNO for Eclipse, whereas compatibility for other reservoir simulators was obtained for

- IMEX with support from CMG
- AD-GPRS by Stanford University
- OPM FLOW by SINTEF on behalf of the OPM initiative
- INTERSECT by Schlumberger
- Nexus by Landmark/Halliburton

 All the support from these organizations is highly acknowledged.