10 September 2019

Succesful one-day EAGE/TNO Workshop on OLYMPUS Field Development Optimization challenge

On friday September 7, 2018, the one-day EAGE/TNO workshop took place on the OLYMPUS Field Development Optimization challenge in Barcelona, Spain. More than 60 participants of around the world took the opportunity of the workshop’s interactive setting to gain insights into recent advances in state-of-the-art techniques for field development optimization under geological uncertainty. The program consisted of high quality oral and poster presentations and was concluded with a panel discussion and brainstorm on future challenges for field development optimization. To the success and organization of this workshop many contributed and sincere thanks goes to all of them. An article in EAGE's First Break magazine on the workshop is found via the following link.


16 February 2017

Launch of OLYMPUS Field Development Optimization Challenge

Within the context of the ISAPP research program TNO has developed a field development optimization benchmark challenge. It is based on a reservoir model for the fictitious field referred to as OLYMPUS. Read more»


14 November 2016

Final ISAPP Symposium

In view of the upcoming finish of the ISAPP-2 and Recovery Factory research programs a final ISAPP symposium took place on 9 and 10 November, 2016 with as title: Smart Wells and Smart Fields: Past, Present and Future. Read more»


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