16 February 2017

Launch of OLYMPUS Field Development Optimization Challenge

Within the context of the ISAPP research program TNO has developed a field development optimization benchmark challenge. It is based on a reservoir model for the fictitious field referred to as OLYMPUS.  

This optimization benchmark challenge is inspired by the 2008 Brugge benchmark study, which was designed to demonstrate the value created by the application of methods and workflows for closed-loop reservoir management and required both history matching and optimization of well controls for a given set of wells, i.e. the problem of placing the optimal number and types of wells was not addressed.

With the OLYMPUS Field Development Challenge TNO hopes to enable the research community to develop a better understanding of the applicability of different algorithms and workflows to field development cases of realistic complexity and, hopefully, demonstrate their potential to create value for the industry.

As in the Brugge benchmark, an ensemble of models has been created of the OLYMPUS Field, which can be downloaded from the webpages on the challenge. These pages provide all further details such as a full description on the model and the optimization challenge, the option to get support and to register for the mailing list (to which updates and news are provided), and the foreseen timeline towards a workshop on the challenge (end 2017, early 2018), where participants can present and discuss their results.