8 August 2014

ELCO software version 1.2

Following a succesful introductory training in November 2013, on August 7, 2014 TNO released ELCO version 1.2 to the industrial partners in ISAPP. This software concerns TNO's Research Tool for Ensemble based Life Cycle Optimization. 

Main features

This version of ELCO came with the following main features:

  • - Support for the reservoir simulators Eclipse and IMEX.
  • - General objective function formulation including Net Present Value and Ultimate Recovery.
  • - Life cycle optimization of ICV control and well rate control, and subject to (linear) input constraints.
  • - Robust life cycle optimization, e.g. to take account of geological uncertainty.
  • - Option to allow for concurrent reservoir simulations (on one specic PC with multiple cores).
  • - Specic input and output formats for sucient level of usability and explained via documentation consisting of User Manual and Examples Manual.
  • - Set of illustrative examples described in the Examples Manual and delivered with ELCO.